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Wildland Firefighting FAQ


What type of aircraft or apparatus is FireIce approved for use in?

Multi-Engine Airtankers

Single Engine Airtankers

Helicopter buckets

Ground Engines

Water tenders


What types of colorants are available?

Fugitive Blue

Fugitive Orange


What is weight per-mixed-gallon of FireIce? – Does this vary with viscosity?

FireIce is only slightly heavier than water at any viscosity.


What happens if residual long-term retardant becomes mixed with FireIce?

The salt in long-term retardant will lower the viscosity of FireIce; try not to mix products. But if it happens, there are no ill effects.


Can FireIce overwinter in mixed storage?

FireIce can overwinter and be used again after being mixed however it will freeze so be sure to empty valves and leave room to expand.


How often do I need to recirculate FireIce?

FireIce does not require recirulation, however after time freewater will develop on top of the tank and recirculation will quickly disperse the water.