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Experienced Leadership in Utility Firefighting

Daniel P. Simon is the Director of Utility Markets for GelTech Solutions and comes to GelTech with almost 40 years of experience at Con Edison.

As Emergency Manager in Manhattan, he managed more than 200 Con Edison field crew members and supervisors. An expert in his field, Dan specialized in all aspects of network generation and distribution from 345KV down to 120/208 secondary networks. He also prevails as a foremost authority in underground emergency restoration and provided technical and system expertise during crisis situations such as the World Trade Center and Hurricane Katrina.


During his career, Dan maintained Con Edison's network reliability throughout Manhattan and managed its environmental group where public and worker safety were his paramount focus.


Dan has co-authored several White Papers on various utility industry topics including: "Evolution of an Environmentally Friendly "Green" Compact Three-Phase 27kV, 630A Switchgear to Improve Network Reliability" and "Test Results and Preliminary Conclusions Regarding 0.1Hz VLF Testing on Very Long, Mixed Distribution Feeders of 13.8 to 33 kV System Voltage."


He also invented the Three-Phase 27kV Load Pick-Up Device, which reduces faulted circuit outage time and wrote a White Paper on the invention.


Dan has worked extensively with unions and government agencies including the FBI, NYPD, NYC Office of Emergency Management(OEM) and FDNY.