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Breakthrough Technology for Overhead and Subsurface Structure Electrical Events  



EMFIDS is designed to deliver FireIce gel into a manhole via spray nozzles upon the occurrence of an emergency electrical event.


There is a new technology that is changing the way utility companies enhance both utility worker and public safety. Current protocols regarding emergency electrical events, both subsurface and overhead, is to allow these types of fires to burn themselves out while causing excessive damage to assets in the area. This practice is costly both in terms of damage to the network and surrounding infrastructure but also exposes the surrounding community to potentially harmful emissions from the burning material. GelTech began working with a major utility company in New York City four years ago to explore the use of FireIce® to quickly extinguish these fires.  FireIce begins as a dry powder, but when mixed with water becomes a fire suppressing gel capable of extinguishing electrical events within primary voltages of 50kv at a 5 feet standoff distance.  Through over three years of testing, the utility company learned that using FireIce on these events reduces damage to their network and also reduces potentially harmful emissions.



The FireIce Eductor Nozzle System quickly mixes and deploys FireIce at the sight of a fire.

Underground electrical events that occur when utility workers are onsite can be extremely dangerous and all too often fatal.  In collaboration with a major utility company, GelTech Solutions developed the Emergency Manhole FireIce Delivery System (EMFIDS).  EMFIDS is designed to deliver FireIce gel into a manhole via spray nozzles upon the occurrence of an emergency electrical event.  Imagine a utility worker is working in a bucket overhead or down in a manhole and suddenly an electrical event ignites.  Within seconds the fire becomes life threatening and as each second ticks by the odds of surviving diminish drastically. The heat from the fire automatically triggers the EMFIDS which is designed to coat the lineman and or the worker, ladder and or the bucket with FireIce, depending on the system, thus providing the opportunity for the worker to escape. The system can be automatically triggered by heat sensor or manually from both within the bucket or manhole by workers above or below ground.  The utility company has tested prototypes and is currently field testing first generation versions of the EMFIDS system.  If you or your company would like more information or pricing, please contact:

Dan Simon
Director of Utility Markets

844-FIREICE (844-341-3489)
954-895-3200 (Direct Line)