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About FireIce

GelTech Solutions is committed to creating effective solutions to common problems.  We created the FireIce® line of products to fight fires efficiently and effectively, all while doing so safely and without harming the environment.  FireIce has dramatically improved the impact of fire suppression systems for professional firefighters and electric company workers who fight and prevent fires, as well as providing home fire protection for homeowners.

FireIce takes the world’s most precious resource, water, and increases its firefighting ability. While water has the natural ability to slow fire, only FireIce has the ability to stop it. Firefighters, first responders and military personnel have seen FireIce stop fire in its tracks before it can destroy property or claim lives. The safety of the public and fire personnel are paramount to us, and FireIce has given firefighters an incredible edge against electrical and utility events and other municipal fires. FireIce can safely and permanently extinguish underground and enclosed blazes with greater speed and decreased risk to fire crews and electric company workers. And with our FireIce Home Defense Unit, we’ve also put the power to protect property in homeowners’ hands.

The GelTech Solutions family is committed to environmental preservation.  Our FireIce products are nontoxic to wildlife and aquatic species, as well as children and pets, and it breaks down harmlessly over time in the soil.

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