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Protect your assets from fire with FireIce.


FireIce is a powder, that when mixed with water, creates a homogeneous water-enhancing gel for both direct fire suppression and exposure or structure protection. FireIce acts like a sponge, absorbing over 400 times its weight in water. The product is sold in 25-pound, weather-proof buckets with a 15-year shelf life. Each bucket can be mixed with approximately 300 to 500 gallons of water for maximum coverage and protection.

FireIce Prevents and Protects From Burning                   FireIce Prevents and Protects Assets From Burning

  • Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic
  • Adheres to any Surface and Prevents Damage from Fire or Heat for Hours
  • Easy to Use and Maintain
For more information, or to purchase FireIce for Asset Protection, please call 844-FIREICE (844-347-3423)