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Innovation in Fire Protection Equipment and Dust Suppressants

When you innovate, you don’t just bring new ideas to the market; you introduce new products that bring a positive change. At GelTech Solutions, we do this daily. Nature doesn’t come without its challenges, and GelTech Solutions overcomes those challenges by bringing cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions that have the potential to change the world.

FireIce® not only stops fires it prevents them from flaring up again…

Soil2O® particles hold up to 400 times their weight in water…

Environmentally Friendly

Our products use eco-friendly formulas that are completely safe and break down into the soil over time.

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Geltech Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB Symbol: GLTC) is an innovative technology company with a highly diversified range of products developed around proprietary and eco-friendly compounds.  For firefighting, we’ve created FireIce®, a product line of unique, high-tech and eco-friendly fire prevention and suppression products.  We also created Soil2O®, designed to significantly reduce water consumption and, under certain conditions, increase agricultural yields. In addition, we also offer Soil2O® Dust Control, a truly revolutionary and unique product that is cost effective and easy to apply, effective on all types of soil for preventing and reducing particulate matter from the air and water. We have also formulated a solution, GT-W14, for dangerous and toxic spills. This product, more often than not, renders most chemical spills inert and/or lowers their official hazardous classification for safer clean up. 

Patent pending FireIce, which suppresses fires almost as impressively as it prevents ignition, is changing the landscape and mindset of firefighting and residential fire protection. It stops fire in its tracks while consuming up to 10 times less water than current practices.  In addition to its traditional fire applications, FireIce is also deployed globally in direct and indirect attack against wildland fires and municipal fires, as well as electrical and utility events, such as subsurface events and coal fires.

The Soil2O product line offers water saving solutions. Farmers can reduce the cost of irrigation. Superintendents can improve turf growth at golf courses. It helps workers mitigate dust at mining and construction sites and helps city officials prevent soil erosion in flood-prone areas.

GT-W14 is designed to absorb potentially dangerous spills in seconds and solidify it to allow for easy cleanup and disposal. It is highly effective on both dense and porous surfaces, and its advanced absorbency technology absorbs liquids much faster than traditional spill absorbent products. In independent laboratory testing, GT-W14 also reduced the hazardous chemical rating of multiple industrial fluids, oils, and chemicals that it was applied to and neutralized the PH of several acids and bases with no adverse chemical reactions on any of the fluids tested.

Nature doesn’t come without its challenges, and GelTech Solutions overcomes those challenges by bringing cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions, such as fire protection equipment or dust suppressants, that have the potential to change the world. We continue to strive for excellence in all areas of our business by delivering first class products to the global marketplace that solve common problems with innovative solutions.


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